Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The world of Adult Hood.

Hey all,

Since i last posted something incredible has happened.... i have become 18, an adult, a woman, someone who can vote! I had the most incredible birthday party with all the works, the cake, the family, the friends, the boy, the bunting. I LOVED it! As i was walking around my birthday party though i found myself thinking, 'if i had another 18th, what would i do differently..." I can honestly say i don't know. I loved my party so so so much, but there is something so much more special than the things that made it amazing... It was the people. Everyone who was at my party were special to me. Their love has brought me through some really difficult times in my life, and even though i am busy thinking about house Music at the moment (which is on Saturday at Hogwarts...) i have been plagued with thoughts and memories of the past 18 years and the people who have had a massive impact on my life. I am currently trying to write my personal statement and i am really struggling to know what to write that will 'sell' me... To me, I have only ever experienced 'me' being enough. I never had to 'sell' myself to my parents, i never have to 'sell' myself to the boy, I never have to 'sell' myself to God. All i do is give myself to all these people and they recieve whatever the package looks like.. sad or happy or stressed. It seems like a funny concept. All of these people who i give myself to, have supported me and helped me grow in these past 18 years and will continue to, yet i have to sell myself for fellow brothers and sisters in christ to want me. I'm still praying into that one! My prayer for my adult life is that i can be one of those people who supports and cherishes others no matter what they bring to the table.

Thought i'd leave you with some party snaps!

Dad and Bro

Boy and Bro

Me and Dad


Me and My awesome cake!

Me and the Boy dancing! 

Mum and dad! 

Me and the lovely Boy

The Bunting my mum made! 


My balloons! 

The Gorgeous Prezzie's the boy gave me! 

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Stress, Stress and Peace.

Hi all.

Sorry it's been so long but i've never been busier! At the moment i am organising House music for my boarding house at Hogwarts. House music consists of a house song (a bit like Glee!) a band, a choir and a soloist this year. This is so stressful as i have to organise 70 girls, in 4 weeks to perform to 400 people. I also have loads of work to do from school and i'm organising my 18th birthday party. This is all rather stressful. But. God has shown me real peace through my lovely Boy. My boy was a gift to me from God, no doubt and i'm blessed to be able to see him quite frequently so that he can just calm me down and sit with me watching only fools and horses. God has also been speaking to me through my stress. For example, through the music we are making in house music or the meetings i am having with various members of staff to organise the event.

On a different note, this summer was the best summer EVER! Passed my driving test. Got 3A's and a U in my As' (even whilst being on morphine and 2 days after my operation for one of the exams!) and i also fell more and more in love with my boy and my family and Grew deeper into my relationship with God. A truly blessed summer!

I will try and keep you updated this month!

Lots of love!
Loving my Boy!

Me with the sun and music and God. Pretty much sums up my summer! 


Hi all, Thought you might like to know that i passed my driving test! I got 1 minor (you can have 15!) so it was amazing! I then drove two and a half hours away to go on holiday with my friends! :D SOOOOOOO happy! Major relief. :)

Much Love from Beth who's driving around everywhere!! :D

Monday, 8 August 2011

Just chill.

I've just come back from one of the best weeks of my life so far, camping with my two best friends and the boy. It was a perfect 5 days of laughter, God, sun, farts and food. On the Thursday i started to get a little bit worried about my driving test (not saying when it is!) and after failing two already i started to question wether i was ever going to pass or not. I was feeling sick right up until my boy sat me down and talked me through everything in his Funny, calm way that no one else can pull off apart from him. I instantly chilled out and now i'm ready for it. It doesn't matter if i pass of fail really. I have such a beautiful family, a wonderful Boy and Gorgeous friends. (I still wanna pass though! ;) )

It really isn't a long post today but i don't really have much more to say about how amazing my friends and family are! I will leave you with my Favourite, blessed pictures from this week.
My lovely Bezzie in the tent!
At De Beach! 
Me looking arty! 
The three most amazing friends EVER! 
Cutest couple! 
Me and my amazing Boy
Best friend! 
I REALLY love him! 

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Absence makes the heart grow stronger...

Heya! I'm currently in Hong Kong on the last leg of my Holiday. My title was referring to the cliche phrase that i'm supposed to be experiencing away from home. Apparently i'm supposed to be falling more in love with my school, More in love with waking up at 6.45 to go to Hogwarts, More in love with failing my driving tests, More in love with Having to tidy my room.... I disagree with that phrase! I miss my Boy So much that i get grumpy with him, I'll never enjoy waking up at 6.45, i detest Driving tests, and tidying my room is my idea of self pity hour. The biggest reason that i hate that phrase is because absence from God does not make his heart feel stronger towards us. He loves us so much that he couldn't  love us any more. His heart couldn't be stronger for us. All it does is weep whilst we're away.

It doesn't matter where you are, you can't physically run away from God. Just don't let your Heart run.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Contrast in Thailand

Hi everyone! I'm in Bangkok at the moment!! It's so so hot. 38 degrees to be precise! Today was our first day of the holiday and we went on a boat ride. Now i'm sure your all thinking i bet it was a lovely boat ride on clear blue water ect.... NOT! Bangkok is highly polluted, the river is brown and it has the biggest scale of rich to poor that i have ever seen in such a small perimeter! The boat driver took us off the river down the canal where there are houses all along it, Some falling in the water, made out of decaying wood, housing 13 people and some mansions built on stone. As we drove through the canal almost everyone smiled and waved! We then stopped to re-fuel at a water market (a market in the water.) It was so interesting and incredible to see women cooking in massive saucepans in a boat and serving huge meals for 50p. Handicapped beggars pleading for just a pound and then being given 50! This world is so different to the western world I live in. Beggars are walked past, We don't smile and say hi, everything is extremely expensive!

I took 300 pictures in 2 hours today. So i will leave you with just a few of them from a inspirational (and boiling and smelly) boat trip..

Lady selling things on the river

Poor homes with Satellite dishes and telephones!  

A Pretty Big house
A lonely boy in his street, playing in the river

Block of flats


Lady on the phone
At the market

Chef cooking on a boat

Flowers selling at the market

Ladies Cooking

The contrast is unreal

Boat drivers waiting

And again

Ma ma and ma Bro! 

CONTRAST of the houses is unreal!!! 

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Open the memory box....

The memory Box
Today i was tidying my room and under my bed i found my memory box, Inside this tatty shoe box are roses from my first boyfriend, My first love letter, Cards for getting good grades, my mobile from when i was a baby, Pictures etc. I looked through all these things and my heart sank for a moment. Everything was a memory. It made me sad that they weren't a present. Then when i looked closer i saw experiences i wish i could forget and realised that i have many more memories to be made at this point in my life. I am coming into my last year at school. (yippee!) and then i'm off to Uni, New friends, new house, new life. All rather scary. I don't really know how i'm going to cope with it all. All i know is that i have a support system that will not fail. They will be there no matter what, they will be the people i create memories with, memories that don't fit in a tatty shoe box, memories that fill my heart.

Open your memory box and see what you find even if that memory box is just your imagination...

Old pictures
What will i find...

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Henley... Another scone please dear.

This year i went to Henley Royal Regatta as part of the 1st Boys four Cox. 

Another time for the annual Picture of the Boats,

The Rowing Lycra looking Ridiculous!! 

Deck Chairs by the River

The Sunnies are out!

Hats are out...

Feet Hurt.... Shoes off....  

Picture with pops at regatta (REALLY enjoying himself!) 

And to top it off... The annual team picture....

Then a lovely sunset to end the day

Loves xxxxx