Friday, 27 July 2012

Beginning of my Gap Year - Running!

Hey Guys.

I am having a Gap year this year and i currently don't really know what i am doing in it. I feel that there is a reason for this and i am just waiting to see what God has in store for me this year... However i have got one thing planned... Something i NEVER thought i would do...

I am Running the Bath Half Marathon!! 13miles of pure pain i'm sure!

Now i have never really done proper exercise of any kind! The only sport i have ever been good at is Swimming because i don't have to run, i have men's shoulders and i don't feel any sweat! All of my life i have tried to skip any sport that may include running and here i am, training to run 13 miles in

219 days !! 

The only way that this whole running thing was going to happen was if i had all the gadgets and nice clothes! So on tuesday morning i kitted myself out with some beautiful sporty clothes! 

Now i have started training this week. On Tuesday night we walked 3.5 miles (with running bursts in their - so probally ran 1 mile overall but not all in one go.)

On Wednesday i decided i was going to go out by myself and I ran probally half of the 2miles i was out for. I burned 222 calories and felt very sore afterwards!!

So here i am on Friday the 27th of August 2012. Waiting for the olympic opening ceremony to start on BBC 1 (From LONDON!!) and i've just been out for a run with mum and my brother tagged along. I RAN without stopping for 1.77miles. But my brother ran to Avoncliffe and back from Bradford on Avon! This spurred the competitive nature in me and i have decided that this time next week, i will have run to Bradford on Avon and back!! 

As part of this challange i am going to be writting this blog to 

a) keep myself accountable
b) look back on it when it is finished and
c) show that i actually did it! 

I will be running the Bath Half with my mum and Great friend Bernice Hudson.
I am truly expecting to have bad times and good! And i'm looking to wear a bikini for the first time in my life in summer so lets see how it goes!!! Eeeek! 

God bless!!

p.s. - Here are my Beautiful shoes that make the pain in my legs worth it!! hehe

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Such love.

Today i was really hit by how much God has given us love.

As i was walking around cardiff with my boy it all became even clearer! We love because God first loved us. The love that we have for each other was actually given by God. Therefore if we openly love one another we are sharing God's love with them.

So i'm openly going to show you some things i love!


My lovely Boy

My family

My bro

Tea and Coffee


Knitting and A fire

Beautiful views


Laughing with my boy

My Best friend

My Parents :)
ROWAN!!! <3

If you love someone or something, SHOW IT! It's a gift from God! :)


Friday, 6 January 2012

A New Year's Day Poem By Charles Moir

O Thou whose glory fills the heavens,
Whose bounty clothes the earth,
To Thee a poem of thanks we raise
For blessings from our birth.

For that untiring love Thou dost,
From day to day renew,
O may it on our hearts descend
Like heaven-distilled dew.
For mercy great, unending still,
Which gave up to the grave
Thine only Son, the Sinless One,
Our sinful souls to save.

While entering on another year
Our cares on Thee we cast,
Beseeching aid in days to come
Which cheered us through the past.

That still the freedom may be ours
To kneel down in Thy sight,
And worship Thee at shut of day,
And in the morning light.

That from temptation's fatal paths
Thou turn our steps away;
And keep us from unholy thoughts
That lead the mind astray.

No more may lust of worldly wealth
Command thoughts that are thine;
Nor may we envy other's lot,
Or at our own repine.

Than all the riches earth can boast
Or gems beneath the sea,
We know the pious, humble heart,
More precious is to Thee.

How needful, then, to train our thoughts,
And fan the heavenly flame
Of faith, in the believing heart,
Triumphing o'er sin and shame

And holding by the Word, thou hast
For grace and guidance given,
Pass trough this world in holy fear,
True candidates for heaven.


Happy new year!

I thought i'd highlight some of my hopes and dreams for 2012 ;

In 2012 i....
Will work really hard to achieve the grades i need for Bristol University (and my own pride really :p)

In 2012 i....
Hope to grow more and more in love with the boy and to cherish each moment with us both together in the same city.

In 2012 i....
Hope and pray that God's will for my life and especially my Gap year will shine through. I also pray that my Gap year prepares me for the future.

In 2012 i....
Want to write more worship songs and to really delve into Jesus' love for me and to feel his presence every day. I also want to follow my calling to lead worship by learning through the bible and by hearing sermons and testimonies.

In 2012 i....
Would love to see my bestfriend more

In 2012 i....
Would love to see certain people come to christ

AND In 2012 i....
Will make more things with my sowing machine! 


Christmas 2011

Well, what can i say, Christmas this year was truly beautiful.

I got to see my boy on Christmas day, Church was brill and my family all joined together! Amazing! Thought i'd share some memories...

The traditional advent candle

The beautiful winter Sky outside my bedroom window... would you believe it, no editing! 

Jesus' light shone this christmas into many people's lives.

Decorating the tree! 




I decorated the tree with the boy and my little bro, he's not so little anymore though!

Awww these donkey's were having a little smooch! 

Me and my Godbrother with the donkey!

His ears were very attentive!

ICE SKATING! Was so much fun, even if it was a bit wet! 

Me and my God Brother

Went for coffee with my mum for the best cup of coffee around, it's Defo christmas! 

Mum and dad cooking Christmas lunch!

Grandma loved her Biccys! 

Christmas day games... MOUSE TRAP! 

Grandparent's fire

Christmas at the local Salvation Army!

Look at all those Prezzies little cousin! 

Isn't she beautiful?

Chrisp winter berries

I even added in a photoshoot for a my relatives...
I hope and pray you all had a brilliant Christmas!