Sunday, 22 May 2011

A hospital stay...

Hi! I'm back.

On thursday night my mum took me into hospital with major pains on my right side of the stomach. The RUH were really good with my problems (albeit a little bit slow) and i was in theatre on Friday night at 10pm. In theatre they made three holes in my tummy   (Belly button, left stomach and under my tummy) and then saw that i had a cyst on my ovary that had ruptured. The boy was in hospital with me for most of the time and so was my mum. It really upset me how many doctors asked me if i could be pregnant. Isn't it sad how they thought most 17 year old teenage girls who go in with stomach pains are actually pregnant. I took some nice gory pics to remember the occassion but don't worry i won't share them with you. I am now at home in complete agony drugged up to the max waiting for the cyst to go down and the holes in my tummy to heal. It was really lovely on Friday. Ollie and Lilly came and stayed with me for most of the day waiting for my operation. The doctor even asked if my and Lilly were twins!! She totally jumped into my comfy hospital bed with me to keep me company!

I have an exam tomorrow that i'm really worried about missing because of all the pain relief i'm on and the pain i'm in. I missed C2 maths on Friday because i was being prepped for emergency surgery so i don't know what is happening with either exam. Ah well. I've learnt something....


Lots of love from my room of bordem!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Hiya. I'm in the midst of exams at the moment and i'm sure my friend would agree with me that we are glad C1 is finished (First module of maths!) Only got two more module's left! :-)

I've really found getting into my sowing so helpful with calming me down recently. It helps me focus on something other than work. After my exam on Friday i will Upload some pictures on here of my new pillow case!

I've made a few lists of promise that i have to keep throughout the next term and i would love it if you could help me keep those.

1) Keep God at the Centre

2) Love the Boy More each day

3) Cherish each moment with my family

4) Play my guitar to worship my God


5) Work hard but not so much that i am really stressed....

Anyway i will leave you with a few pictures of my lovely Little Bro winning his Cup final last weekend. A proud moment. :)

Love xxxxx

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Trip to see some amazing people!


Today me and the boy went to see our best friends at university. We had such a brilliant day, Me shopping with an awesome lady and the boy chatting with such a beautiful man. Then we watched some vulgar (funny) film and then went out for a lovely meal, just the four of us. Had to drive back in some manic rain though! Was a nightmare but the boy drove slow! :)

My scarf is coming on well. (yes i'm knitting!) But need to change the wool now. Run out of my wool. That's tomorrow's task as well as trying to get my work done!! 

I leave you with Beautiful pictures of the two lovely people we went to see today.

<------- This one has been developed in the dark room! :)

Lots of love.
God bless

Thursday, 5 May 2011

The boys return!! :D

On Tuesday one of my bestfriends and my lovely boyfriend and another one of my friends finally returned home from their Gap year travels to New Zealand.
No one understands how good it is to have him home! Although it did get me thinking about what i am going to do for my Gap Year and if i have one and what course i am gunna do at uni... bla bla bla! I Don't know!! Found out i am doing Art next year though which is exciting stuff. I am finally growing up.

Loves xxxx

I'll leave you with a picture of my lovely boy and best friend. :)