Thursday, 30 June 2011

Henley... Another scone please dear.

This year i went to Henley Royal Regatta as part of the 1st Boys four Cox. 

Another time for the annual Picture of the Boats,

The Rowing Lycra looking Ridiculous!! 

Deck Chairs by the River

The Sunnies are out!

Hats are out...

Feet Hurt.... Shoes off....  

Picture with pops at regatta (REALLY enjoying himself!) 

And to top it off... The annual team picture....

Then a lovely sunset to end the day

Loves xxxxx

Saturday, 25 June 2011


Passion. What is passion.

Dictionary definition = any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate

Passion can be see as a positive passion or a negative passion. Today i went to look at a university open morning. I am looking to study Music. - my passion.

I thought i'd share a few of my passions with you.
1) GOD

2) Music
3) My boy, Family and Friends

4) Sowing

5) Coxing

6) Seeing the people i love give their life to God.

I'm sure there are more to come.... Just can't remember them....

Negative passions = 
1) Chewing gum
2) Loud music
3) Olives (whats the point??)
5) Rudeness
6) The devil

God bless guys. Pursue your passions. I know i am! 

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Tomorrow is a very special day. Not only is it my last exam, but it is a good friend of mine's Birthday.

Let me tell you about my friend, (i will name him John for the purpose of the blog)

John is a lovely bilingual, south american/English, short, bald friend of mine who was an orphan in south america. John was adopted with his sister to a married english couple when he was 6. John had quite a troubled childhood and 20's but throughout his life he has acknowledged that there is a God, but maybe not always following him. Anyway, he was living in the allotments near my house for quite a while and attended our local YMCA weekly. The Boy's mum plays the piano for the YMCA and she felt it was on her Heart from God to give a room in her house for John to live in. So John moved in with my boy.

When the Boy told me about John i was immediately hesitant about a homeless man living with my boy and has visions of him stealing things. This reaction is one that i am ashamed of. When i finally met John i realised that this man had a beautiful heart, (not only for God but for humans and animals and all creation.) He was a talented man, a hard worker, a family man and a loving man. John will be a Man i respect and will remember for the rest of my life.

This experience has taught me so much about Judging people. I pray that God will take my need to judge away from me and from the rest of the world so that people like John can treasure their Birthdays every year, knowing the Father's love through us.


(p.s. Thought you might wanna see my AWFUL  birthday cake i made John!!)

Monday, 20 June 2011


I've never made a whole blog set completely aside to be about God but i feel that with it being my whole life i should share a bit.

My relationship with God has always been there, sometimes we are happy with each other, other times not so much! But recently i have had a really tough time humanly. I then called out to God and my life has been miraculous ever since. My relationship with God is aided by worship in Music. I love music, it's the one language i get and its a gift that i wholeheartedly want to use for the glory of God. When i was 16 i decided to pick up a guitar and to teach myself to play it. (after a few chords being taught to me by my ex.) I found a love for the instrument and the freedom it gave me in connecting with my heavenly father.

I have always felt called into worship leading and i pray that God is equipping me more daily for the plans he has for me. My boyfriend is just one of the Gifts God has sent me, one that challanges my faith and feeds it, whilst striving to make sure i have a solid relationship with my father by myself, in my private time with him.

Playing my guitar is a secret place i enter into with the father and i would really encourage you to find your secret place, get it protected and to LOVE it!

The Devil hates it when i pick up a guitar because no one can deny the special connection i share with my father when i am worshipping, It's so strong that the devil can't stay there and listen. God has protected our secret place, i pray you have one too.

Lots of love. xxx

Thursday, 9 June 2011

My Brother...

My Brother is Funny
My Brother is Cute
My Brother makes me smile

My brother is Sporty, 
My Brother is Cheeky 
My brother is Loving

My Brother is a Mummy's Boy
My Brother is A mennace
My Brother is Clever

My Brother has always been My best friend
My brother is talented
My Brother Loves God

My Brother Makes me Cry
My Brother steals the Remote
My Brother doesn't sense Mood swings!

My brother is a Ladies man!! (EW)
My brother is 14
My Brother is sensitive

After 14 Years of knowing my brother, one thing is still the same... He is my best Friend.

Crazy Siblings


I Got him back!


I leave you with our first Ski Picture 8 years ago!


Friday, 3 June 2011


Rejection is something that seems to be a big part of my life. 

Whether it's failing my diving test umpteen times, or not getting in any commitee, or being dumped. All of these rejections seem to plaugue me. 

Yesterday i went on a MASSIVE walk/hike with my boy. (he says walk i say mega hike!) and i was talking to him about all my rejection and how people deal with it. I really struggle with it (from being bullied to the guy i thought i was going to marry breaking up with me via text.) The boy was saying that when he get's knocked down through rejection he may be upset for an afternoon but he talks about them and then it's gone. I build it all up and i can't handle it anymore.

So i've decided that from now on i'm sharing my rejections.

I was thinking about it last night before i went to sleep and all my horrid rejections still hurt but so much good has come out of them. My ex dumping me was the worst rejection and pain BUT Have you seen who God has waiting for me just around the corner?!? My boy is perfect for me and loves God. 

I'm still waiting to find out why i was rejected by the school Christian Union but God has a plan for me and I'm pretty sure it's no longer at Hogwarts. 

As my Boy says.....

I just need to Let Go and SMILE


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Snapshots of May...

Now that june has arrived Here are some snapshots of May....

 I read a book!!! (Well i'm halfway through!)

This book has meant alot to me and is teaching me about God every day.


   Became patient number 1400126.... twice!

 Whistled away hours reading in Hospital... :)

  Went for a gorgeous picnic with the boy and my Best friend.

    I just love this picture! 

Isn't he lovely?? I love God for this amazing present. 

We were on top of the world. :)

I didn't want to let go.

And i leave with our first picture together. :)

Enjoy June,
God Bless