Monday, 20 June 2011


I've never made a whole blog set completely aside to be about God but i feel that with it being my whole life i should share a bit.

My relationship with God has always been there, sometimes we are happy with each other, other times not so much! But recently i have had a really tough time humanly. I then called out to God and my life has been miraculous ever since. My relationship with God is aided by worship in Music. I love music, it's the one language i get and its a gift that i wholeheartedly want to use for the glory of God. When i was 16 i decided to pick up a guitar and to teach myself to play it. (after a few chords being taught to me by my ex.) I found a love for the instrument and the freedom it gave me in connecting with my heavenly father.

I have always felt called into worship leading and i pray that God is equipping me more daily for the plans he has for me. My boyfriend is just one of the Gifts God has sent me, one that challanges my faith and feeds it, whilst striving to make sure i have a solid relationship with my father by myself, in my private time with him.

Playing my guitar is a secret place i enter into with the father and i would really encourage you to find your secret place, get it protected and to LOVE it!

The Devil hates it when i pick up a guitar because no one can deny the special connection i share with my father when i am worshipping, It's so strong that the devil can't stay there and listen. God has protected our secret place, i pray you have one too.

Lots of love. xxx

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