Friday, 3 June 2011


Rejection is something that seems to be a big part of my life. 

Whether it's failing my diving test umpteen times, or not getting in any commitee, or being dumped. All of these rejections seem to plaugue me. 

Yesterday i went on a MASSIVE walk/hike with my boy. (he says walk i say mega hike!) and i was talking to him about all my rejection and how people deal with it. I really struggle with it (from being bullied to the guy i thought i was going to marry breaking up with me via text.) The boy was saying that when he get's knocked down through rejection he may be upset for an afternoon but he talks about them and then it's gone. I build it all up and i can't handle it anymore.

So i've decided that from now on i'm sharing my rejections.

I was thinking about it last night before i went to sleep and all my horrid rejections still hurt but so much good has come out of them. My ex dumping me was the worst rejection and pain BUT Have you seen who God has waiting for me just around the corner?!? My boy is perfect for me and loves God. 

I'm still waiting to find out why i was rejected by the school Christian Union but God has a plan for me and I'm pretty sure it's no longer at Hogwarts. 

As my Boy says.....

I just need to Let Go and SMILE


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