Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Hiya. I'm in the midst of exams at the moment and i'm sure my friend would agree with me that we are glad C1 is finished (First module of maths!) Only got two more module's left! :-)

I've really found getting into my sowing so helpful with calming me down recently. It helps me focus on something other than work. After my exam on Friday i will Upload some pictures on here of my new pillow case!

I've made a few lists of promise that i have to keep throughout the next term and i would love it if you could help me keep those.

1) Keep God at the Centre

2) Love the Boy More each day

3) Cherish each moment with my family

4) Play my guitar to worship my God


5) Work hard but not so much that i am really stressed....

Anyway i will leave you with a few pictures of my lovely Little Bro winning his Cup final last weekend. A proud moment. :)

Love xxxxx


  1. Your friend very much agrees that the end of C1 AND C2 is something to praise Jesus for! We survived two years of trials and temptations, yet we stuck it out and live to tell the tale :D only D1 to go now :(
    And I'm looking forward to seeing your pillow case!!
    I REALLY hope you get better soon... Praying for a speedy recovery <3
    Eve xxxoxxx

  2. In actual fact, it was only really two terms, but it felt like MUCH longer!! ;) xxx