Friday, 27 July 2012

Beginning of my Gap Year - Running!

Hey Guys.

I am having a Gap year this year and i currently don't really know what i am doing in it. I feel that there is a reason for this and i am just waiting to see what God has in store for me this year... However i have got one thing planned... Something i NEVER thought i would do...

I am Running the Bath Half Marathon!! 13miles of pure pain i'm sure!

Now i have never really done proper exercise of any kind! The only sport i have ever been good at is Swimming because i don't have to run, i have men's shoulders and i don't feel any sweat! All of my life i have tried to skip any sport that may include running and here i am, training to run 13 miles in

219 days !! 

The only way that this whole running thing was going to happen was if i had all the gadgets and nice clothes! So on tuesday morning i kitted myself out with some beautiful sporty clothes! 

Now i have started training this week. On Tuesday night we walked 3.5 miles (with running bursts in their - so probally ran 1 mile overall but not all in one go.)

On Wednesday i decided i was going to go out by myself and I ran probally half of the 2miles i was out for. I burned 222 calories and felt very sore afterwards!!

So here i am on Friday the 27th of August 2012. Waiting for the olympic opening ceremony to start on BBC 1 (From LONDON!!) and i've just been out for a run with mum and my brother tagged along. I RAN without stopping for 1.77miles. But my brother ran to Avoncliffe and back from Bradford on Avon! This spurred the competitive nature in me and i have decided that this time next week, i will have run to Bradford on Avon and back!! 

As part of this challange i am going to be writting this blog to 

a) keep myself accountable
b) look back on it when it is finished and
c) show that i actually did it! 

I will be running the Bath Half with my mum and Great friend Bernice Hudson.
I am truly expecting to have bad times and good! And i'm looking to wear a bikini for the first time in my life in summer so lets see how it goes!!! Eeeek! 

God bless!!

p.s. - Here are my Beautiful shoes that make the pain in my legs worth it!! hehe

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