Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Open the memory box....

The memory Box
Today i was tidying my room and under my bed i found my memory box, Inside this tatty shoe box are roses from my first boyfriend, My first love letter, Cards for getting good grades, my mobile from when i was a baby, Pictures etc. I looked through all these things and my heart sank for a moment. Everything was a memory. It made me sad that they weren't a present. Then when i looked closer i saw experiences i wish i could forget and realised that i have many more memories to be made at this point in my life. I am coming into my last year at school. (yippee!) and then i'm off to Uni, New friends, new house, new life. All rather scary. I don't really know how i'm going to cope with it all. All i know is that i have a support system that will not fail. They will be there no matter what, they will be the people i create memories with, memories that don't fit in a tatty shoe box, memories that fill my heart.

Open your memory box and see what you find even if that memory box is just your imagination...

Old pictures
What will i find...

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  1. i like the way you express how you feel cause it's what i feel too. i turn sad every time i open my memory box and wish it wasn't over.